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(In alphabetical order according to speaker's first name)

Free Goddess Self Love Starter Kit

with Abiola Abrams

The Goddess Initiation Self-Love Starter Kit is all about embodying the goddess within and a jump start to get you on the path with alignment with your divine, feminine energy. Every part of this journey is designed to raise your vibration to the frequency of manifestation and creation.

Chapter from the Imagination and Dreams – Create Your Life Ebook

with Anat Baniel

Get this inspiring chapter from Anat’s best-selling book, Move Into Life. The chapter focuses on the Essential of Imagination and Dreams. Imagine and dream! With imagination, you can create what has never been there before.

Dreams call you and guide you from your future. Both will elevate you to new heights, transcending your limitations. Take the knowledge from this chapter to bring the power of your imagination into reality and transform yourself to Rock your life at any age. As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

The Four Sacred Gifts: Essential Indigenous Wisdom for Thriving in These Times Ebook

with Dr. Anita Sanchez

Get timeless wisdom to help you thrive in challenging times.

Online Dating Guide 

with Arielle Ford

Manifesting a soulmate requires a winning game plan. One of the best ways is to embrace online dating. Download this guide and Arielle will share with you how to do it!

7 days of the Acclaimed Lift Program

with Dr. Brianne Grogan

Get the first 7 days of Dr. Bri's Lift program. Includes an amazing 11-minute guided meditation for pelvic health.

Ease Food Cravings AND Stress Eating In 7 Minutes Or Less!

with Brittany Watkins

Learn the echo tapping method to get rid of your cravings for good!

The Dress Your Truth Beginner's Guide

with Carol Tuttle

Have amazing personal style, true to who you are. Learn how to dress according to your energy type.

Change Your Language, Change Your Life!

with Christy Whitman

FREE 30-day training system breaks the chains on the language patterns that are keeping you from success.

"Get on Your Bird" Meditation for Releasing Anxiety & Stress

with Colette Baron-Reid

• Shift your emotional state from stress & anxiety to relaxed & at ease in less than 3 minutes
• Easily let go of the story that triggered your emotional response and reach a place of calm, clarity & neutral observation
• Learn a powerful visualization for moving through challenging emotions and returning to peace

Passages: Meditations for Affirmative Living

with Cynthia James

Meditation for financial freedom.


with Dame Doria Cordova

Register and Get the English and Spanish Versions Today!

Based on the teachings of the Money & You® program and other Excellerated programs that have been taught for over 43 years globally. Many of today’s wealth experts and rock stars of the industry are graduates and have adopted some of these principles and tools and taught to millions.

The Excellerated Business Success Model is a proven formula for building successful and profitable organizations. Learn principles, tools, and systems to reach financial success. Live a prosperous and productive life that adds value to humanity.

(New: Spanish version included)

30-day One Dress Size Challenge (Starts November 10th) 

with Deborah Murtagh

Turn Your 40s, 50s, 60s, and Beyond Into Your Healthiest and Most Confident Years!

The 30 Days One Dress Size Challenge is Deborah Murtagh's exclusive online health program that will help you get in shape, feel great and take back control of your life in ONLY 30 days.

This is a challenge designed for women by women.

And that means everything we teach is backed by science to kick-start your metabolism and reset your hormones to work in harmony with your body.

Because it's not just about weight loss....

Women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond join our challenge to reset their health and reclaim the life they want. 

By becoming metabolically flexible.... 

You too can achieve long-term success!

You’ll get:

• An easy to follow guide of exactly what and when to eat
• A personalized food diary and weight loss tracker
• Delicious recipes that are cheap, simple and easy to prepare
• Exclusive access to the private members support group
• Special Bonus - Mindset guide to help you “think slim”
• Love and support from Deborah’s team and other challengers

The 5 Secrets to a Life of True Success

with Debra Poneman

In this e-book that covers topics from the importance of spiritual activism to the gift of pain and misfortune, you will discover not only the 5 Secrets, but...

~How to have certainty that you’re really living your “dharma," the reason you were born on earth at this time

~What my first teacher, the spiritual master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi told me about standing in fear and letting love flow

~Why The Course in Miracles says you need to take action even before you're ready I also share the story of when I was in deep despair and my son had to remind me of my own teaching…


with Derek Rydall

You’ll learn everything you need to bring yourself into alignment with your soul's signature vibration, tuning you into the guidance, direction, wisdom, and power you need to create the life and lifestyle you deeply desire and deserve.

“This process helped me go from broke and about to be evicted to making more money in two days than I had in an entire year!”

It helped me manifest my way out of a job from hell into my dream job, manifest my first dream home, and has become a staple of how I grow my life and work year after year – as well as the thousands of people around the world who have learned it.

What people will get:

• The Character of Success Workbook
• The LIFT Process Training Audio
• VVR Guided Meditation and Worksheet

Diamond Radiance Cleanse

with Dipika Delmenico

Get Ancient Intelligence for Opulent Wellbeing wit this 7-Day Cleanse Guidebook + 3-part video training  

Get Clear On Your Future Visualization

with Florencia Andres

Flor's guided visualisation combines a hypnotic state with specific imagery to create lasting changes in the subconscious mind.

Repeating this visualisation for 30 days create long lasting changes in the subconscious mind.
This visualisation will guide you to decide what you want to do, be and have within one year. And will give you the mental tools to accelerate all your results.

Pitch Secrets Masterclass 

with Forbes Riley

Join Forbes' masterclass and get clear on your message as you communicate your ideas and have confidence when it’s your turn to speak 

Meditations on Love E-book

with Janet Attwood

Experience the powerfully transformational energy of Janet's beautiful meditations and continue to shift your experience of love.

The Soul Power Formula E-book

with Jennifer McLean

A Potent Formula to CLAIM & IGNITE your Soul Superpower for Greater Health, Wealth & Love...

Use this E-book to awaken your soul-fueled, fear-busting power to create true peace and possibility energy in your life and circumstances.

The Egg of Light Meditation

with Joan Borysenko, PhD

The Egg of Light is a meditation of protection, blessing and increased consciousness is designed to carrying away any fatigue, fear, stress or negativity, revealing the inner light which is your own true essence. 


with Dr. John Gray

If you’re interested in improving communication, finally understanding the opposite sex, and mastering proven relationship skills, you’re in the right place.

If you‘re sick of dating dead ends, or you’re tired of feeling frustrated and disappointed in your current relationship, this is the answer. 

This course is exactly what you need for ultimate relationship success. 

And the best part, this course is customized to YOUR relationship status. 

Single or in a relationship, man or woman, you’ll get the answers you’re looking for to get everything you want.

Letting Go of Let Down Video

with John Newton

This video will give you the tools to release feelings of let down in any aspect of your life.

Open Yourself Up to Love

with Jose Hernandez

One hour mini-documentary with beautiful meditations.

Revitalize Your Health and Wealth Meditation

with Karen Abrams

Get this brief Theta Healing evening meditation geared to reclaim your health and heal your relationship with money.

22 Lessons to a Remarkable Life E-book

with Karen Putz

Get this ebook to ditch mediocrity and embrace adventure in your life!

21 Essential Skills to Love Yourself E-book

with Katherine Woodward Thomas

Learn how to evolve your capacity to love yourself, others and your life.

From Fatigued to Fabulous E-book

with Dr. Keesha Ewers

Going from fatigued to energized is a process. It’s not usually one thing that creates an autoimmune disease, hormone havoc, or cancer. It’s not normally one food or one habit that causes you to gain weight. Likewise, it’s not just one intervention that’s going to get you to optimal health and full-vitality. I wrote this book for that very reason. I want you to know what is causing you to feel Un-fabulous. 

8 Steps to Happiness and Prosperity

with Ken Honda

Start your journey with the 8 Step Guide that launched Ken’s career as an expert in happiness and money back in Japan.

You will learn from a master mentor on how you can transform your relationship with money and bring more happiness and prosperity into your life.

You're Not Crazy... You're Just Ascending E-book

with Dr. Laura Berman

Get this practical guide to navigating and thriving in a wild new world.

Remember... It's Possible! Video

with Les Brown

First, I want to remind you that no matter what your desire and what your dream is... IT'S POSSIBLE for you to succeed. "It's Possible" is one of Les' most requested trainings. When you take the time to listen to the speech, take notes of how you can turn the tables around in your life to win! 

Connect Your Mind, Spirit and Body to Deepen Your Intuition

with Lisa Barnett

In this meditation we will connect all three of your energetic brains to help you align these various levels of intuitive knowing and bring it into your conscious mind.

Mindful Minutes - 10 Daily Inspirations

with Lisa Garr

Take a couple of minutes and focus in on yourself, find your grounding, settle your mind, and reactivate yourself so that you can better face the day.

Make It Happen! The 5 Day Goal Setting Challenge

with Lisa Nichols

Stop hoping your dreams and goals will come true and make it happen!

During this free 5 day challenge, you’ll discover the proven tools you need to succeed in both business and life… even if you don’t know where to start.

Don’t Miss Out. This free training with Lisa Nichols only happens 1x a year.

Free Power of Eight® Handbook and a Special Video from Lynne

with Lynne McTaggart

For anyone who signs up on the form of our on our home page to our community, we offer a free Power of Eight® Handbook and a free video of me with detailed information about how to do intentioning in a group.

3 Steps to Money Forgiveness - From Honoring Your Past Money Mistakes to the Magic That Fuels Your Abundance 

with Lynne Twist

Get this quick, 10-minute teaching for powerful, change-making and compassionate people ready to transform their relationship with money and life.

5 Secrets to Deep and Lasting Happiness E-book

with Marci Shimoff

When you follow the practices in this e-book, you’ll increase your capacity to experience greater happiness for yourself, for others, and for life. 


with Margaret Lynch Raniere

4 powerful video exercises to Discover YOUR Unique Chakra Blocks (and start clearing them within minutes!)

This will customize and personalize your experience by helping you HEAR and FEEL exactly where your 4 lower chakras are blocked and what that means inside you and in your everyday life and actions.

Taking the 4 Chakra Assessments will also give you access to a series of intensive Chakra Powered Tapping Experiences with me to “Unblock Your Super Powers” chakra by chakra.  

The 4 Mistakes That Block Self-Love and Relationships

with Dr. Margaret Paul

If you’re ready to cultivate self-love and self-worth, be free from self-judgment and fear, and start joyfully living a life filled with loving and connected relationships, then you must read this ebook.

Spirituality and Depression Seminar Part #1   

with Marianne Williamson

Many of us are in deep inquiry around the subject of depression, and even suicide. Hear Marianne discuss why depression is ultimately a spiritual disease and in the words of Carl Jung, “Only spirit can cure spirit.”

Your Free Energy Report

with Marie Diamond

• Discover your personal archetype and your 4 best directions according to Feng Shui.

• Find out how to use your home as a three dimensional vision board, activating your personal Success, Relationships, Health and Wisdom directions.

• Increase your cash flow, your success and improve your relationships, health and your connection with God/Universe.

‘Stick To Your Goals’ Self- Hypnosis Audio

with Marisa Peer

How often have you set a new goal or target with the best intentions but looked back weeks later and wondered why all your motivation vanished?

Marisa Peer's 'Stick To Your Goals' self-hypnosis audio will help you maintain both your focus and motivation until you reach your goal whether it’s reaching your ideal weight, changing your career or committing to a new hobby. The more you listen, the more powerful the transformation and motivation will become. 

Building The Vision of Your Dreams Meditation

with Mary Morrissey

10 Secrets About Men Every Woman Needs To Know! 

with Michelle Marchant Johnson

Claim your gift so you can:

• Discover How Men Fall In Love & Commit
• Be Seen As A High-Value Woman
• Know How To Get What You Most Want & Need From A Man
• Meet and Attract Your Mr. Right

The Holding Guided Meditation Create Unshakable Self Love

with Misa Hopkins

Heal, manifest and awaken with this ancient meditation in feminine energy, used by tens of thousands of people all over the world. Join a conscious community experiencing freedom beyond trauma.

7 Steps to Living with Passion & Purpose Masterclass

with Natalie Matushenko

In this 80-minute masterclass, you’ll learn:

✓ My proven step-by-step plan to identify your purpose and create a life that reflects it
✓ The key to accessing your deep wisdom so you can clearly identify your interests, strengths and talents
✓ The SIMPLE #1 technique to see how your interests, strengths and talents fit together into a life that works for you
✓ How you sabotage yourself from living your passions and purpose (and how to stop it immediately)
✓ Concrete action steps to get started on living your passion and purpose immediately

Healing and Rejuvenating Free Masterclass

with Niraj Naik

Learn & Experience How This Revolutionary Breathwork Technique Can Supercharge Your Immunity, Self-Healing, Happiness, Manifestations & All Aspects Of Your Life

ABUNDANCE - Guided Imagery Meditation 

with Pamala Oslie

This relaxing guided imagery focuses on shifting your thoughts and beliefs around abundance. It is intended to improve your relationship with money and prosperity, and help you accept wealth without guilt and struggle. 

This program uses uplifting and unique images to help you move beyond any limited images you may currently hold, replacing old programmed subconscious images that may be blocking your ability to create abundance in your life with new supportive beliefs and inner pictures.

Tap4Joy App (in the Apple Store)

with Peggy O'Neill

Get this phone app that helps you reduce stress and increase happiness. It's easy to use. Easy to learn. Brings lasting results.

First chapter of Rajshree's book "The Power of Vital Force" and The 10 Day More Energy, More Life Challenge

with Rajshree Patel

In the 10-day More Energy, More Life Challenge, you’ll:

• Learn simple, time-tested tools to access more energy
• Discover easy techniques to reboot and recharge your system
• Optimize your daily performance and gain big results
• Join an inspired community on the same path, offering support and motivation throughout the 10 days

Join Rikka Zimmerman for some SELF LOVE with her Returning Home To Love Package.

with Rikka Zimmerman

This topic is near and dear to Rikka’s heart, so you are lucky to be here! In this package you’ll enjoy her Life-Changing Ebook, Returning Home to Love, Powerful Self Love Activations and a copy of Rikka’s most beautiful song, Tidal Wave, from her award-nominated, inspiring album The Miracle! 

Vastu for Success

with Robin & Michael Mastro

Vastu is Yoga for Your Home and a sister science to meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda. Learn how to align your environment with the forces of nature so you thrive. Optimize sleep, work and more through practical, easy-to-use tips to reduce the stress in your mind, body, and emotions at work and at home.

Sleep Your Way to Hormone Balance!

with Robin Nielsen

Learn why sleep is the magic elixir for feeling fabulous no matter what your age.

Radical Self-Care for Women eBook

with Robyn Lynch

The Radical Self Care for Women eBook will lead you through the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, as well as the way you fit into them.

Enjoy dosha quizzes, recipes and routines built specifically with your wellbeing in mind. 

Ancient and Modern Secrets for Lifelong Radiance e-book

with Ronnie Newman

Simple steps you can take at any age to ensure lifelong health, vitality and mental clarity including: ~What science says is now aging our skin more than sun exposure (and we all do this unknowingly every day)

 ~Which types of exercise can give you the vitality of a 20-year-old—even in your 50’s, 60’s, and beyond
 ~How bad breath can lead to Alzheimer’s and dementia (WHAT!?!?!)
 ~A little known way to ensure sexual health at every age

Free ebook on Tantric Meditation

with Shashi Solluna

Awaken your Higher Self with daily practice.

Eliminate a Belief Process 

with Shelly Lefkoe

The Lefkoe Method has already helped nearly 150,000 people get rid of hidden limiting beliefs and it can help you too!

The Truth About Codependency E-book and the 'Are you a Codependent' Quiz?

with Sherry Gaba

Being in a relationship can be very fulfilling… or it can reinforce wounds you already have from your childhood.

If you find it difficult to be happy or feel complete without being in a relationship – or you’ve been in relationships that are one-sided, emotionally destructive, and/or abusive – take the quiz below to find out if you have codependent qualities…

Please answer “Yes” or “No” to the following questions. This quiz is designed to enlighten you… not judge your behavior in any way. So be totally honest with yourself.

Once you’re done with the quiz, you’ll get access to the EBOOK, “The Truth About Codependency.”

This eye-opening ebook will broaden your understanding of what codependency is and isn’t. It also has specific strategies to help you create the healthy, joyous relationships you truly deserve!

Seven Authentic Kabbalah Secrets that will Change Your Life

with Shifra Hendrie

10 part ecourse that will help you understand the underlying purpose for creation and today's unprecedented challenges, teach you how to thrive and grow in the midst of chaos and activate your hidden Divine power.

Special Meditation On Thriving Over 50

with Sister Jenna

Unsinkable: The Secret to Bouncing Back - FREE MOVIE TICKET!

with Sonia Ricotti

In this life-changing film, bestselling author of "Unsinkable" and renowned “bounce back” expert, Sonia Ricotti, embarks on a life-changing journey to discover the true secret to bouncing back quickly when life knocks you down.

No matter what you’re going through in your life right now (debt, divorce, loss, illness, or feeling lost and unfulfilled), just know that you CAN, and you WILL turn things around in your life.

Many of the world’s top bounce back experts, scientists, and teachers (including Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lisa Nichols, and many others) share their life-changing stories and messages. They show you exactly how to overcome any difficult situation with ease, so you can turn your life around quickly and begin living your greatest life right now.

The film explores how anyone can go from feeling stressed, worried, fearful, sad, and completely out of control in their lives, to experiencing calm, deep inner peace and happiness—no matter what the current circumstances are!

In fact, it reveals how anyone can go from hitting rock bottom to achieving massive success.
You will be taken through one of the most inspirational and transformational journeys of your life. It will shock you, uplift you, and you’ll walk away with a new lease on life!

Get ready to be Unsinkable!

Fear Into Fire Meditation

with Dr. Sue Morter

Beneath every Fear is the Passionate Fire that must return to our daily lives. Prosperity and Passion are one and the same. Change your fears forever with an entire paradigm shift and learn to:

• Make decisions from that Passionate space within.
• Master the invisible for powerful results.
• Free Yourself from the mind chatter of self-questioning.
• Create a Reality Shift by turning fear inside out. 

The Worthiness Quotient Quiz

with Terri Britt

Have you owned your worth in every facet of your life? Take the Worthiness Quotient Quiz and find out now! 

Your FREE COPY of TAKE A B.R.E.A.T.H. 6 Essentials for Dealing with the Difficulties of Dismantling Racism 

with Dr. Rev. Terrlyn Curry Avery

The process of dismantling racism is not an easy one. Bringing out the best in oth- ers requires the best of you. It requires tapping into your sacred intelligence.

Your FREE COPY of TAKE A B.R.E.A.T.H. 6 Essentials for Dealing with the Difficulties of Dismantling Racism will foster your ability to remain grounded, focused, and empowered as you engage in the work of dismantling racism.


with Tristan & Sabrina Truscott

This is a concise step-by-step video training course that gives you 9 Essential Energy Exercises to Heal Yourself and Skyrocket Your Happiness Levels —FAST!
This is not fluff, it's real training! Anyone can do this — each exercise works quickly to CLEAR toxic energy blocks and disruptions that drain your life-force.

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