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Your Rockin' Life Extravaganza Presenters:

Debra Poneman

Creating Ageless Radiance

Natalie Matushenko

Your Ultimate Life Makeover

Abiola Abrams

Living an Empowered Life


Christy Whitman

Why Age is Inconsequential (And other messages from the Council of Light)

Deborah Murtagh

Create Your Ideal Weight Through Metabolic Flexibility and Fasting

Derek Rydall

Thriving in the Midst of Pain, Loss and Challenge

Janet Atwood

The Way to True Self-Love

Dr. Laura Berman

Have Rockin’ Love and Sex At Any Age

Marci Shimoff

How to Be Happy for No Reason

Tristan & Sabrina 

Raise Your Energy Level and Create Rockin' Health

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